Mija Speakman

Personal Coach, and Yoga Instructor

I’m Mija! A personal coach, yoga instructor and meditation teacher. I’m on a mission to help other people (like yourself) to lead their lives with love and passion.  Whether if you want to change careers, find a new hobby, or reach your health goals, I’m here to help guide you to success.

I’ve worked many years in the corporate world with multiple Fortune 500 companies and have noticed one big thing- for any change to happen it has to come from motivation within!  My coaching programs, yoga and meditation class can help increase your own internal motivation.

I have been teaching yoga and meditation for over 7 years in the studio, and corporate settings for onsite workplace classes.  Its a blessing to watch people grow and deepen their practice, and empower themselves.  I have also been running my stress management and coaching programs on an individual basis and corporate coaching program as well.

A few fun things about me:

I have a small fear of heights, but I really enjoy hiking and climbing mountains to challenge that fear!

• I love to dance.  Most of the time the dance floor is my kitchen, but I once “brokedance” so hard that I injured my back, maybe due to lack of knowing how to breakdance.

I love animals.  I received my first tattoo of a giraffe on my 18th birthday, because I really love giraffes. They have the biggest heart of all animals!

I’m a smoothie junkie.  I call them my intuition guided smoothies, but I love experimenting with different smoothie recipes.  My favorite is  ( spinach, banana, orange, blueberry, ginger,  and lemon)

• I love traveling!  My favorite place I’ve traveled to was Sri Lanka which just happened to be my first time traveling outside of the states.